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Welcome to the wonderful world of Melli Mello. Enrich your own identity with our high-quality lifestyle products. We bring you all the beauty that the world has to offer in one design.


At Melli Mello we get our inspiration from special cultures, traditions and craft styles, creating a daring but also special and playful print. That’s why the name Melli Mello, which comes from the French ‘méli mélo’, stands for mishmash. From graphic to romantic and from ethnic to floral, Melli Mello can do it all. The indispensable black and white accent gives each item a modern look and lets the exuberant prints come to rest. We say: Why choose, have it all!


Melli Mello has everything your heart desires: duvet covers, beach towels, decorative pillows, bathrobes, bags, clothing, skin care, scent sticks, doormats, wallpaper, napkins, writing utensils, cards and who knows in the future much more.