About Us

Melli Mello believes in the power of embracing new cultures and traditions besides your own roots. That’s why we want nothing more than be inspired by different places in the world and create a cross-cultural mix of colours, styles and prints. The brand name “Melli Mello” is derived from the French word “Méli Mélo”, which means mish mash or mixture. This word describes exactly what this brand is about. Melli Mello is a daring and exciting mix of different styles, such as: graphic, romantic, ethnic and floral. Always with a black and white accent that gives Melli Mello a fresh and fashionable feeling.Therefor our motto is:

Why choose, have it all!

Melli Mello may have been founded by Lobna and Erdem Terzi but, today, everything we do is a team effort. In addition to working hard on the latest collections, we also enjoy a lot of fun together. We are a team that doesn’t consist of colleagues, but rather a second family. Without this tight family Melli Mello could never have been the success it is now. Lobna and Erdem are proud to be supported by an incredible team of talented designers, respected trading partners and their beloved families who have always been their support and support.