Blooming Boho - Beachtowels

Relax on these wonderfully soft Melli Mello beachtowels. The Melli Mello beachtowels have a colourful and mysterious character. You have to take these Melli Mello beachtowels with you when you travel.

The soft and durable Melli Mello beachtowels are made of velvet: a soft material that has a luxurious look and is also very easy to maintain. Due to the generous size you can wrap yourself completely in these beachtowels.

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Blooming Boho - Round Beachtowels

These Melli Mello round beachtowels are a must-have this season. Not only do Melli Mello Round beachtowels have a multi-colour design, these Round beachtowels are also multifunctional in use. Do you want to lie on the beach, decorate your house or have a picnic in the park? With our round beachtowels the possibilities are endless.

These Melli Mello Round beachtowels are made of velvet, which feels wonderfully soft, so you can enjoy it. Thanks to the use of velvet, the beachtowels also have a very luxurious look. These roundbeach towels also have a large size and are ideally suited for sunbathing.

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